Matthew 28:19

Serving All includes, yes, everyone.  We have missionaries who have left their homes on a journey to serve around the world.  We love, support, pray for and connect with these ministries even from many miles away.


Josh & Susy FAJARDO

Columbia - Latin America
Josh serves as the Area Director of Free Methodist work in Southern Europe, specifically Spain, Greece, and Portugal.  Based in a suburb of Madrid, Rivas-Vaciamadrid, the Fajardos also oversee a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that encompasses an after-school program and compassion ministries.  Josh oversees the community church.

Mike & Maria LONG

Greece: Heavily involved in refugee crisis ministry.  The FM Church of Thessaloniki is multicultural and multilingual, having Muslims visit on Sundays since Easter 2016.  Currently, there are separate meetings for Arabic and Farsi speakers.  The Greek FM nongovernmental organization (NGO) Anagenesis helps meet the needs of those suffering from the ongoing economic crisis.  Ministries include the Mia Tribe Social Co-op that employs vulnerable people who have been abused, neglected or are immigrants.  Jason's Place Christian Hostel provides hospitality services.
Set Free Movement
The Set Free Movement seeks holistic freedom to create new futures and end modern slavery through community-based action and partnership with others.


Spain - Affiliate Missionary/Puente Hispano - Hispanic Bridge.  Arrived on the field in the fall of 2016.  Jose, adjunct faculty member at Asbury Theological and Wesley Seminary, is working in leadership development and church planting support.  Ada is working with member care, in addition to church planting support.

Rodrigo & Tanya ROSADO

Greece: Appointed to Europe and plan to begin work in Athens, Greece in late 2019.  They will help to implement a Community Church Planting strategy through the L:10:3 Network where national leaders are developed to reach others in the capital city.  The Rosados will also be involved in social justice ministries as they help bring transformation through community development, partnering with other organizations to help with the refugee crisis and fight human trafficking.

Dale & Janice MARCUM

Fruit of the Vine: Serving both overseas (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Kenya, Sweden) and in the United States. Serving in construction, administrative and leadership roles, both have a heart of compassion for the hurting people of the world.

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